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The HCG Diet is a short-term diet that results in losing a half-pound to a pound daily, while targeting the loss of fat and not muscle. In this episode, learn about: 

--Why MEDICAL weight loss is important to both maximize your health and maximize your fat loss results.

--How The Prather Practice does lab tests to diagnose any underlying cause of weight gain, which must be corrected first before any weight loss program can work.

--That the Body Composition Analysis is a better measurement than Body Mass Index. And why focusing on inches lost and fat percentage lost is more important than just the number on the scale.

--How the HCG Diet was discovered by a world-renowned endocrinologist when studying pregnant women.  

--The amazing side effects of the HCG Diet, including a boost in energy and a testosterone boost for men

--How the HCG Diet helps your body establish a new "set" weight that it will maintain unlike the "yo-yo" dieting from most weight loss program results.

--Why you should NEVER buy HCG products online, but get them from a reputable source that also monitors your lab tests.

--How The Prather Practice can tailor HCG Diet plans for everyone, including vegetarians. Plus, how the HCG Diet is composed of normal foods (”nothing fancy") that are easy to find.  

--The three phases of the HCG Diet, which begins with three days of loading up on high-fat foods.

--The Lipotropic vitamin injections taken twice weekly to give your body an energy boost during the HCG Diet.  



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