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How to cut health care costs by 40%, while improving patient satisfaction and health. In this powerful episode, Dr. Prather shares the model for his office and the "seismic finding" of a major insurance company research project. Learn:

--The solution for our nation's health care crisis in which we spend more money than anyone else, with "abysmal" results in the health of patients (especially in areas such as cardiovascular and cancer).

--The difference between Disease Care and Structure/Function Health Care models and how the best path forward is the best of both worlds.

--The 80/20 rule for the appropriate balance between Structure/Function Health Care and Disease Care.

--Why the cause of symptoms and disease processes is unimportant in the Disease Care model, but the Structure/Function model is dependent upon discovering the underlying cause.

--Why the Disease Care approach is not the first place you should go when you are sick.

--When the Disease Care model truly shines.

--How you can increase your chances of surviving cancer by 50%.

--The 5-year insurance company study that showed the health care model used in Dr. Prather's office reduced overall health care costs by 40%, slashed pharmaceutical costs by 85%, and hospital stays by over 60%. (And decreased adverse patient reactions and malpractice suits by 80%, while boosting patient satisfaction and health!)

--What obstacles must be overcome to implement this model nationally, and the plans to do just that.



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