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Endometriosis is a painful and dangerous condition that affects 10% of all menstruating women and causes 50% of all fertility issues. In this episode, we talk about:

--The 80% greater likelihood for a woman to suffer from Endometriosis if they have a female family member who suffers from it. And why a girl starting her period later reduces her chance of Endometriosis, as well as other health problems.

--The health benefits of exercise--especially jumping jacks!--in preventing Endometriosis, as well as early periods for young girls. And how higher body fat percentage increases risk of Endometriosis.  

--Why heavy periods indicate a woman probably has Endometriosis. And how pelvic pain indicates a 75% chance of Endometriosis.

--How autoimmune diseases such as Hashimoto's Disease, Graves' Disease, Addison's Disease, Ulcerative Colitis, Crohn's Disease, and Fibromyalgia increase your chances of having Endometriosis.

--Why the surgery for Endometriosis usually causes it to come back WORSE than it was before. And how the current medical options, such as birth control pills, aren't very effective.

--How hormonal imbalance is the biggest cause of Endometriosis. Plus, the role of a weakened immune system, higher inflammatory rate, and chemical toxicity (such as high Copper) in Endometriosis.

--The Structure-Function approach Dr. Prather uses in getting the body in proper balance so that the body itself can treat the Endometriosis. And the role thorough blood tests play in Dr. Prather's approach in getting to the root cause of Endometriosis.

--The story of a patient who had been through In Vitro Fertilization Therapy THREE times with no results, but became pregnant after Acupuncture helped eliminate the inflammation of Endometriosis. And why Dr. Prather says Acupuncture "has been shown to be one of the very best treatments for Endometriosis to reduce the inflammation".

--How Chiropractic care helps normalize the menstrual cycle and has helped the Endometriosis symptoms to "go completely away" for many patients Dr. Prather has treated.  

--How The Prather Practice tests "more thoroughly than almost anybody else" for hormone balance. And why the powerful hormone replacement therapies are only necessary in about 2% of the cases, while more natural approaches The Prather Practice uses are far more effective as they stimulate your body's own hormone production.



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