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How you feel is how your immune system feels. Dr. Prather says that 80-90% of patients have a compromised immune system when he reviews their blood analysis. In this episode, find out:

--How to avoid just guessing when someone goes to a vitamin shop to buy supplements. And the proper diagnostics we require to know which supplements our body really needs.

--That the gut is 80% of our immune system and "the key" to all autoimmune diseases. And the annual test we all need to check our gut health.

--Why Structure-Function Care looks to improve the health of the body instead of just treating symptoms as in the Disease Care model.

--What Dr. Prather looks for in a patient's blood work in regards to the immune system. And the reading that indicates if you have a six times greater likelihood of dying within the next few years.

--How Dr. Prather finds patients usually underestimate how they feel with they talk to the doctor because doctors too often don't take their patients' complaints seriously.

--The difference between fatigue and being tired.

--Why the Copper-Zinc ratio in your body is one of the most important measures of how well your immune system works.

--How any heavy metal toxicity (such as Mercury and Lead) always weakens the immune system. And how Dr. Prather has "never" had a heavy metal toxicity case that they couldn't get balanced out.

--That a compromised immune system will have more allergies, which are increasing in our population. And how the pharmaceutical approach to allergies will compromise the immune system even more.

--Why you should get as much of your body exposed to the sunshine as you possibly can (without offending the neighbors!). And how sunshine can prevent breast cancer and varicose veins.


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