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We are in part 2 of our series called "Your Health From Head To Toe".  80% of us will have TMJ in our lives, often being unaware that is the cause of our health issues. In this episode, discover:

--How TMJ is one of the joints that gives feedback to the brain about where the body is, giving it a global effect on the body. And how your jaw actually contains a disc.

--The surprising emotional effect of the jaw due to a nerve that goes directly to the brain's emotional center. (It's why the jaw tightens when you get tense or nervous.)

--Why TMJ is connected to suicides, and the amazing story that inspired Dr. Prather to get involved in treating TMJ even as a student.

--How you MUST have the Atlas (the first vertebrae in your neck) properly aligned in order to fix TMJ. And how TMJ causes pelvis, shoulder, and elbow problems.

--How TMJ is a major cause of unresolved headaches, and how Dr. Prather usually knows the source of headaches just hearing the patient describe them in the consultation.

--The gentle adjustment techniques Dr. Prather invented himself for TMJ that feel like a "puff of air" to the patient.

--Why Acupuncture is extremely helpful in relieving TMJ, especially in helping inflammation and with "immediate results".

--How Auriculotherapy (micro-current stimulation of ear Acupuncture points) is "the most proven treatment in the entire world" and how it helps long-term TMJ patients.

--That lymphatic congestion connects to TMJ and vertigo issues. And how short-wave Diathermy helps drain lymphatic congestion.

--The exercises you can do to help TMJ. And what you should do when you wake up in the morning to release the jaw muscle. Plus, the supplements helpful for TMJ.


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