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We're in Week #5 of our series, "Your Health From Head To Toe". Dr. Prather says that you are "almost as old as your spine". 80% of us will be sidelined at some point in our lives because of back problems. It's the #2 reason for missed work. In this episode, find out:

--How to avoid unnecessary pain and unnecessary expense by maintaining your spinal health.

--How the upper-cervical area of your spine impacts your entire nervous system.

--Why untreated spinal injuries can lead to long-term degeneration. (And why too many hospitals wrongly tell accident victims they are fine after an accident.)

--That you'll have a 40% chance of having surgery if you see an orthopedic surgeon, but only a .5% chance of having surgery if you see a chiropractor first.

--That one study showed 50% of young men had a bulging disc. But just because you have a bulged disc does not necessarily mean you'll have a problem with it. (Plus, how SMOKING can cause a bulged dic.)

--The natural anti-inflammatories that work better than pharmaceuticals without the side effects. Plus, how acupuncture relieves inflammation.

--How chiropractic adjustments have a bigger impact on blood pressure than pharmaceuticals. And how they also help asthma, ear infections, and stomach pains because of the change in the nervous system. (And the story of the patient whose acne cleared up because of the adjustments!)

--Why ADD and ADHD can be settled down by chiropractic adjustments, and how autism is impacted by an improper flow of cerebrospinal fluid.

--Why decompression therapy is a cheaper and more effective option than surgery to treat protruding or bulging discs in the back or neck. Plus, how it puts the body into healing mode and "reverses the aging process".



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