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50% of severe headache sufferers have given up going to doctors because they have not found any relief.  But Dr. Prather offers Structure-Function Care solutions that provide hope for those with headaches.  In this episode, find out:

—How the Swedish approach to COVID-19 currently looks in comparison to the lockdown model in America and other countries.

—The latest progress on a potential COVID-19 vaccine.

—Why the accuracy of the COVID-19 antibody test (which is supposed to be 100% accurate) is something that Dr. Prather has "doubts and suspicions about".

—How 3-out-of-4 adults have had a tension headache in the past year and almost 20% have had a migraine in the past three months.

—The most common age for headaches (18 to 44) and the surprising percentage of children who have headaches.

—The correlation  between women's menstrual cycles and headaches.  And how 80-90% of cluster headaches are found in men...especially taller men who are married to shorter women!

—Why the jaw is associated with headaches that people have when they wake up in the morning.

—How food allergies are often associated with migraine headaches, along with the Copper-Zinc ratio and birth control pills.

—Why hormone headaches are "an endocrine issue, not a structural issue".  And the approach Dr. Prather takes in treating headaches associated with sinus and allergy issues.

—The connection between "rebound headaches" and pharmaceutical drugs.



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