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The people of the United States are extremely stressed, which is contributing to many health problems.  In this episode, you'll discover:

—How America is the most-stressed country.  And the shocking amount of money that is spent annually on America's stress problem.

—The numbers of Americans with stress and anxiety disorders (which is actually an under-diagnosed problem).  And how a majority of those in the younger generation have already been diagnosed with a mental illness.

—The "Refrigerator Rights" theory that reveals how many people we truly connect with in a close relationship.

—Why social media does not produce the same hormonal and emotional response that meeting people face-to-face does.

—How Dr. Prather says "this is not the same population" he dealt with when he began practice 35 years ago when it comes to stress and anxiety problems.  

—Why Structure-Function Health Care should always be your first-line of defense when combating stress, not pharmaceuticals.

—The role of touch and therapeutic massage in lowering stress and actually changing your bloodwork. And how Chiropractic helps relax the muscles and nerves, taking stress off of the body.

—How Acupuncture is being utilized to deal with trauma and PTSD.  And the Auriculotherapy treatment on the ear that is like "the keyboard to the brain" that  helps reverse the damage of trauma upon the brain. 

—Why changing your breathing changes your physiology, your pH, and your autonomic nervous system.  And why Dr. Prather says how deeply you breathe is "the best indicator" for how long you will live. (48:00)

—The way herbals and homeopathy help combat stress in a safe and natural way with no side-effects.  And why Dr. Prather says flower remedies are one of his "favorite things" to use for stress, even helping to get patients out of a catatonic state.




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