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In the vigorous debate over mandates to wear a mask, Dr. Prather presents a balanced discussion of both the potential benefits and potential harms of wearing a mask.  In this episode, we talk about:

—How the Coronavirus has mutated to become more contagious, but not as dangerous or deadly.

—Why COVID-19 is "not nearly the deadly plague we were concerned about", but is a "really bad flu season".

—Dr. Prather's expectation that the COVID-19 death rate will go even lower.

—How those working on a vaccine now say they don't expect a vaccine until 2022.

—The encouraging news about the treatments for COVID-19 that are working, especially blood plasma from those who have previously had it.

—The divide in political perspective when it comes to wearing a mask.

—Why masks can potentially be beneficial for reduction of transmission between 3 to 17 percent.

—How masks cause lower oxygenation, an increased viral load, and headaches.  And how wearing a mask impacts TMJ syndrome and jaw tension.

—The patients Dr. Prather has seen in his office who have fallen because of lowered oxygenation from wearing a mask.

—The increase in PTSD (Post-Traumatic Stress Disorders) from COVID-19 patients, even those who did not have serious cases.  And how Dr. Prather has been treating those PTSD patients with Acupuncture and natural supplements.




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