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Very few of us receive the nutrition that we need from our diet, making proper supplementation a vital part of our health. 68% of all Americans take supplements on a regular basis. In this episode, discover:

--The 4 different categories of supplements.

--Why Dr. Prather does NOT recommend multivitamins for most patients.

--The safety of supplements and why you need lab tests before taking any supplement. (And the shocking number of deaths per year from PROPERLY prescribed pharmaceuticals.)

--How the Structure/Function Health Care model practiced by The Prather Practice, by the FDA's own definition, truly does no harm.

--Why Dr. Prather says America has "the best Disease Care in the entire world", but "one of the worst Health Care models in the entire world".

--How "we could solve the health care crisis in America", improve patient outcomes, and reduce health care costs.

--What the first line of patient care should be for pain management. (Hint: It's not opioids.)

--The approach taken by The Prather Practice to determine exactly what supplementation a patient needs. And why Dr. Prather considers supplementation as "a very critical part" of his practice.

--How 97% of all Cancer and Cardiovascular Disease cases are AVOIDABLE.

--Why the nutritional quality of our food has deteriorated, making it "impossible to be healthy" from the food we eat.


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