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We conclude our two-part series we began last week on the importance of supplementation. In this episode, we talk about:

--How the symptoms of aging are actually nutritional deficiencies, making supplementation especially necessary for older people.

--Why children are in need of additional supplementation.

--That your chance of surviving Cancer increases by 50% if you are not anemic. Plus, how anti-cholesterol statin drugs decrease your CoQ10 levels...which causes heart problems the drugs are supposed to prevent.

--How the American Cancer Society says that 60% of all Cancers are caused by nutritional deficiencies.

--The link between nutritional deficiency during pregnancy with postpartum depression and eclampsia.

--How every addict suffers from severe nutritional deficiencies and are in need of supplementation in order to be restored to health.

--Why 80% of all girls involved in school athletics are Iron deficient. And the incredible story of how Dr. Prather helped an entire girls cross-country team to win the state title with Iron supplementation!

--The importance of not guessing when it comes to a patient's supplementation by doing proper lab tests such as bloodwork, hair analysis, and stool testing.

--Why Dr. Prather uses a technology called Electrodermal Screening (EDS) to help provide accurate individual recommendations about which supplements will work best for a patient and give them "the most bang for the buck".

--How often someone should be checked for their nutritional health and supplementation needs.


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