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Dr. Prather provides an update on the Coronavirus in our opening segment.  Then, we talk about how most people have no idea of what a Trigger Point is..."but everybody has Trigger Points someplace".  In this episode, you'll discover:

—What the latest statistics are showing about the Coronavirus infection rate and death rate.  And why these numbers are good news!

—How Coronavirus patients who take an antibiotic are being misdiagnosed with Kawasaki Disease.  And why cardiovascular and circulatory issues cause a higher risk from Coronavirus due to the virus affecting the clotting mechanism.

—How a large percentage of deaths during the Spanish Flu of 1918 were caused by aspirin toxicity due to the large amounts of aspirin prescribed to patients.  And the safe recommendations from Dr. Prather to help protect you from Coronavirus.

—Why Dr. Prather believes the scientific evidence shows that opening up everything will be of help as we build herd immunity among young and healthy people, while protecting the vulnerable.

—The President Of The United States who claimed he wouldn't have been able to become President without Trigger Point Therapy.

—The issues caused by Trigger Points, such as:  back spasms, carpal tunnel syndrome, headaches, and problems with knees, hips, and ankles.

—Why a gallbladder attack will cause a spasm in the right scapula area.  And how Dr. Prather can diagnose a pancreas problem from a particular pattern of the trapezius muscle.

—The spray that can be used across an abdominal muscle to stop Pre-Menstrual Cramping immediately.

—The various modalities and treatments used at The Prather Practice to treat Trigger Points.

—How liniments "make everything work better" and enhance treatments for better and faster results.  And how Trigger Point Injections  don't actually hurt.



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