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Dr. Prather provides an encouraging Coronavirus update.  And Lisa Prather shares her recent speech on how we can cope during this time.   In this episode, find out:

—Why Dr. Prather says "we should see the light at the end of the tunnel soon" in this pandemic.  And why the next two weeks are critical.

—Dr. Prather's view about who lied about the Coronavirus outbreak, which damaged our nation's ability to respond.

—How the Wuhan doctors were "incredible heroes" in speaking out about the original outbreak.

—How Dr. Prather has found 50% of patients getting diagnostics in his office recently were previously unaware of their underlying conditions that make them a higher risk of Coronavirus.

—The immune system Vitamins that excessive alcohol consumption will deplete.

—Why we should balance staying informed during this time with not excessively watching news programs that create panic.

—The importance of reaching out to others during this time of anxiety and stress.  And the difference between physical isolation and social isolation.

—How to rest in new rhythms of work and play.  And why getting outside is a GOOD thing right now.

—Why we should change our focus on the things we can control instead of on all the uncertain things completely outside of our ability to influence.

—The three zones we could be in right now.  (Which one are you in?)




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