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December to February is the Flu season. As Dr. Prather says, getting the flu "is as easy as breathing". In this episode, you'll find out:

--What to expect for this year's flu season based upon early reports so far. Plus, how well the flu shot is expected to match up with this year's virus.

--The surprising time period in which you must take the major flu medications (Tamiflu and Relenza) for them to be effective or it's a "waste of time".

--The Structure/Function Health Care approach Dr. Prather uses to fight the flu by building up the patient's immune system. And the blood test you should have to determine the strength of your immune system.

--The shocking story of a patient whose left arm was paralyzed after getting a flu shot (and how Dr. Prather helped him).

--The LOW cholesterol number that weakens your cell walls and makes you more susceptible to viruses.

--How the gut makes up the most critical portion of the body's immune system.

--Why a balanced Copper/Zinc ratio helps you to fight bacteria and viruses.

--The role the lymphatic system plays in fighting off secondary bacterial infections (like pneumonia), which are the main cause of influenza deaths.

--The homeopathic hospitals that had less than a 10% death rate during the 1918 Spanish flu (while the disease care hospitals had a death rate of 90%). And the homeopathic product Dr. Prather suggests everyone have in their medicine cabinet to get over the flu quickly.

--The safe and extremely effective cough remedy you should have on hand (as opposed to cough syrups which have caused deaths in children).




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