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People get sicker, have more depression, put on weight, and have more injuries in the winter. In this episode, you'll learn:

--How lack of sun in winter impacts our immune system, our mood, our brain function, and our endocrine system.

--Why you live longer if you live in a harsher, northern climate when you're young and live in a warmer, southern climate when you're old.

--Why this is a good time to check your Vitamin D levels. And why you SHOULD NOT just take Vitamin D without getting blood work first (as too much Vitamin D can damage organs in your body).

--Why we gain weight in the winter (between 5 and 10 pounds on average for adults). And why'd we'd gain weight in the winter even if we ate the same amount of calories (which we don't).

--How our endocrine system is affected by colder weather. (And how our body "winterizes" itself.)

--The dietary changes that should be made in the winter to avoid weight gain. And one of the "guaranteed ways to lose weight".

--The favorite natural supplement Dr. Prather recommends in the winter that everyone should have in their medicine cabinet.

--Why infections increase during the winter. And the problem we now have due to antibiotic overuse. Plus, the number of times in your life you should have an antibiotic.

--The tool Dr. Prather uses to determine which supplement or product (out of thousands of possibilities) will work best for your body.

--How cholesterol lowering drugs make someone more susceptible to viruses.



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